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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

  About Winter, Group Dynamics, Germans, thinking, stuffs like that

Follow the conversation here on Tube


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Sunday, November 13, 2016


The River That Meanders
Kenton M. Stewart

Oh, the river that meanders has an aimless kind of flow…
in the sense that such a river seems to not know where to go.
Is it right or left, or left or right? Who cares? And I don’t know.
Yet it’s that lack of clear direction that the river seems to show!

Oh the river that meanders suggests a valley with low slope,
as it twists and turns and cuts a course that offers little hope
of telling why it went that way… an aquatic king of grope.
For the river, twisty river, looks a bit like some blue rope.

Oh the river that meanders has a kind of strange appeal…
with its artistic looking patterns… but believe me they are real.
Now you may think such rivers with the land have cut a deal,
for they take from one another, but yet they do not steal.

Oh the river that meanders lets you know where it has been
with its separated oxbows and its bank-eroding spin.
Yet that slowly moving river hardly ever makes a din,
and the river is a lifeline for feather, fur, and fin.

Oh you river, twisty river, tell me what will be your fate?
Will you twist yourself apart? Have you ever had a spate?
Those sandbanks on your inside bank don’t care if you are late.
So flow and let flow river, your meanders are just great!

More about the poem here.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

  Is there still fun to post things here?

The following text, in its entirely, answers my #StupidQuestion. Thank you Tony & Club Kingsnake. The link follows with better layout, images and stuff but I stole the whole text thing pasting it down here to get more chances of retriving it... without your kind permission, sorry...

Concert Review: New Model Army, Brighton, England
New Model Army
Thursday 25th May 2006
The Concorde II Club
Brighton - England

Ok, so I've been a New Model Army fan for some 20 years now. Going to see them is nothing new having toured with them almost every year. (Both here and across Europe.) I pretty much know what to expect. Although I do sometimes talk about giving it up and only going to hometown gigs I somehow always get roped in.

As the tour approaches I get increasingly frequent phone calls from others following around the country, checking that I'm gonna be at heir hometown gig, do I need a crash, can they stay at mine, do I fancy sharing petrol costs to the Shetlands, that kind of thing. Then before I know it I'm doing the whole tour.

This tour has followed a much similar recipie to all of the others. Arrive in a town sometime in the afternoon. Get some food and find the pub where everyone is meeting. It’s not always the closest pub. Often the town hosts have a favourite pub they use and it becomes a mission to find the crew. Sometimes we arrange to hook up with the band, (who are by now friends of ours) and we watch a match, like we did in Norwich for the Leeds/Watford game. This is usually a good opportunity to buy the guys drinks as a thank you for guest list places.

Anyway, Thursdays gig in Brighton Concorde 2 started like many others. We arrived in Brighton with Big Bill and managed to park on the sea front. After a quick bite to eat we soon found the crew in the Heist pub and started the customary consumption of alcohol. Come 8.30 we reckoned the support band had finished and we headed for the venue. Tommy Tee is behind the merch stall as we jump the queue and get out of the rain. Guest list places ROCK!

A few hellos to the stragglers and the people whose face you know from years of gigging but have yet to build a relationship with. The front of the venue near the stage starts to fill up with the eager locals and a few of the big faces from the following. Me and a few of the others stay near the Merch stall with Tommy Tee, waiting for the kids to tire themselves out and for one of the old songs to be played. Only then will we make an appearance en mass at the front.

The longer I follow this band, the less songs I know. I haven't played the new albums as much as I still do the old ones. I'm not the same guy I was 20 years ago and the new songs are much different nowadays. The old tracks bring back memories and are linked to some very strong emotions, to some special people and to a time ion my youth when things were very different. The old songs take me back to those times.

I know the set list starts with a few new tracks. I personally use this time to watch the band on stage as there is no chance to do this when in the pit later. (I remember years ago when Jez, the lead singer shaved off his long hair. It was halfway through the set till we noticed!) Stood at the back with Speedy, Dawn, Danny and Bernie I try to neck my beer before they play "Here Comes the War!" which is our cue. The tension rises in increments as we pace around, catching each others eye and smiling. "Want some of this?" I ask Speedy, offering my beer, which he takes and skulls in a mouthful.

Then the drums started, the heavy dull beat which for the band is the intro and gives Jez some time to swap guitars. The boys at the back take off our shirts revealing trademark tattoos. Suddenly there seem to be a dozen faces heading towards the front from different places in the venue. Nod stern hellos at some of the part time faces and arrive in the heaving, sweaty pit to catch the eye of the boys. It's going to go.

Anyone who has been to a New Model Army gig knows it is rough. Not as bad as it used to be, I mean, we are all getting a bit old now and can't go to work with Black eyes and fat lips. I remember Dr Joan (who is a GP) ended up with a black eye after every tour for about 6 years running. Poor lass. Speedy is a stock broker, Dawn is a financial advisor and I ran healthclubs, so not the alternative lifestyles which would tolerate such battle wounds. I'm glad it is less extreme now as there are less real fights at the front, and I always hated that.

It would usually be some local with a reputation as a "Hardcore NMA fan" who would want to stamp his authority on the gig. The music is pumped full of adrenalin and bravado and the kid would want to show everyone who was boss. Unfortunately the following are usually a good 30 strong (more in the old days) and so picking a fight with one of us is just stupid. Usually it would be Bill or I who would put a stop to it, hopefully before Jed noticed. That usually got messy.

As "War" kicks in the pit goes mad. The lightweights usually end up on their arse or make fast exits. There's usually a suprisingly handy local lass giving her all, trying to stay with it. So the boys go easy and make sure she stays upright and doesn't get nailed by one of the try-hards. This gig it was a really pretty skinhead girl from Holland who I have seen before. I'm just nodding my hello when I feel a "Whack!" in my jaw.

There in the middle of the pit is this dread youth with a Thunder and Consolation knot tattooed on his back. I see him head towards Bill with his elbows at head height and hope that Bill gives him some leeway. He does, the kid splits his lip with a very inconsiderately placed elbow. This is not good. As the song continues the kid gets a couple of hefty shoves that send him across the dance-floor and sprawling on his back or face. This usually ensures they get the message and they tone it down a bit, but this boy is a bit stupid. Bill catches my eye, so does Baby Bill. Dawn shakes here head 'cos she's seen this before. The boy comes back at Bill with venom and malice. He only gets halfway there as I catch his ponytail and pull him towards me. Dawn steps over and starts whispering in the pretender's ear and Bill, Speedy, Justin, Danny and some guy we call Freddy Boswell stand around looking like they want to eat his kidney. I've still got a handful of dreads and he's going nowhere, despite some effort.

The song finishes and we all stand around, waiting for the youth to throw a punch. He doesn't and retreats to the sidelines where his friends are standing at a safe distance. The next couple of songs are ballards so we don't see him for a while. We get chance to catch our breath and some of the lads have a fag. I'm watching the boy and his buddies, checking their facial expressions, watching them point. Bill wipes the blood from his still bleeding lip and raises his eyebrows. The intro to “The Hunt� comes on. If it's gonna go, it's gonna go now. "Not to ‘The Hunt’," I think, "That's a mistake."

The boy steps in, followed by two of his mates. We stand there and look at him, coiled and ready. Why does this have to happen? Why don't people just play nicely? He walks over to Bill and offers his hand. Then he turns to me and says "Sorry mate." in a thick Dublin accent "We just came all the way from Dublin for this one gig. We just get a bit excited you know."

"No worries mate, but I like my teeth where they are."

"Sorry mate, we're cool yeah?"

"Yeah, what's your name?"


"I'm Tony and that's Bill."

"Let's have some fun, yeah?"


And the rest of the gig goes off without incident. It's rough, almost as bad as the old days. George and Co hold their own in the pit with the faces, giving as good as they get. Yeah, he caught me with a couple of stray shots, but he did the right thing and apologised. We pick up the fallen and smile at the girls on the outskirts. This is how it should be; a big outpouring of adrenalin, testosterone and bravado but without the need for any stupidness. This is why I love this band.

Aideen comes into the pit with a few bottles of water as the band churn out a couple of slow tracks, giving us time to recover. I pass one to George and we chat about a mutual friend in Dublin. “I wouldn't have cracked you if I knew you were a mate of Martin's!" he joked. As “125mph� starts up we know rest time is over and it's down to business again.

After the gig we stand around comparing war wounds and stories. The bouncers try to kick us out, but we have after-show passes, and get a couple for George and his crew. Tommy moans about having to find our t-shirts from behind the merch stall as usual so Silke passes him a Becks. He shuts up and counts the stock. Not a bad night by the looks of it; rolls of cash held in his hand as he does the load out. We all watch out for him, remembering our swag friend Darryl who was shot and mugged in South Africa. Not that we could do much, but it is on the front of everyone's minds, although it remains unspoken.

As the last of the crowd peel away the band come out and chat with some of the faces. I pass Micheal a bottle of Baileys which Dawn and I bought him as a thank you for our guest list places. Baileys, very rock and roll Micheal, very rock and roll. Mark from the Levellers appears, with Brighton being his hometown gig. He invites us to a friends bar for a lock in. Tommy Tee stipulates a 2am road time. We all laugh, knowing it's never gonna happen.

"You gonna come George?" I ask.

"Is that cool?"

"Yeah, sure, follow us."

"Are you the lad who bust Bill’s lip?" asks Dean, the keyboard player.


"He only weighs as much as your leg Bill, you're turning into a girl in your old age," he laughs at Bill.

"Fuck off!" says Bill, all 19 stones of him. "Don't take the piss, I beat anorexia."

At the bar it is three o'clock before we leave. Warren pulls the tour bus us outside the front window and flashes his full beams at us inside, while Tommy Tee tries to round up the band. "I'm not leaving says Nelson. You're fired then!" says Tommy. "Get on the bus, there's beer on there."

Dawn has a similarly tough task trying to round up the boys for her car. Bless here for staying sober and driving us on the whole tour! I know there is a bottle of JD back on my boat and that it will not see the morning. Sure enough, come 7am its gone and we all find a space to crash. Dawn gets the bed cos she's driving; I end up in the galley with my head next to Bill, who snores.

George and his boys left for the airport as we said goodbye at the bar. We have a place to stay in Dublin anytime, and we don't have to worry about his elbows any more.

God I love this band.
Posted by Tony Reptiles in Concert Reviews at 01:08 | Comments (3) | Trackbacks (0)

Again, from Club Kingsnake, by Tony. Here,-Brighton,-England.html

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Monday, October 05, 2015


picture by Steve Clarke, Unnoficial New Model Army´s Group page on
Thanks to all his contributions and the Lyrics Art work, also on there

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Monday, September 14, 2015

  Higher, higher, higher Walls

and everyday, as much higher

as many years we still may go ahead, we realize the words sung in this will be forever: a true classic.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

  Could happen in any bloody dry tuesday

Thank you internet, I was still here. Thank you, newmodelarmy follower. I´m sharing here, too. Another damn solid interview with Justin Sullivan, here.

And this too, just because came from a Finnish source

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Friday, January 16, 2015

  Moving ahead: 2015 and forward into more battles...

And then, I´m all ready, with a proper T´s... straight on the days ahead

"Porque somos velhos, somos novos, estamos nisso juntos..."

Keep on Rockin in a Free World

E porque escrevi noutro dia numa dessas redes sociais, o que segue: Devo parabéns pra muita gente... hora de compensar: parabéns às que merecem e parabéns a quem nem sei mais, parabéns a quem sobretudo tive a oportunidade de um dia estar mais perto e parabéns mesmo agora, um tanto longe e ou quem foi e... já era... sobretudo parabéns a Mi hija, parabéns pois 6 anos depois, ingressa o ano num mundo maior a desbravar. Força, felicitaciones! Algo q remonta à minha infância, aos Tokyo Tapes, a toda breguice, pieguice, portunholice, aracnice e todabaitolice à parte, à tia que no conhecestes e nascia no ano dessa "fita"... enfim escutaí, mesmo q preferir as coisas vistas e tão pouco, lidas...

As eternas baladas dos alemães que conquistam (quase) todos os corações...

"Não sou eu quem me navega, quem me navega é o mar"

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

  Time stand still

Este setembro já era... sobrevivi a setembro!, devem pensar muitos hoje... fato é que temos aqui mais um desses posts de efemérides para a ocasião. Isto porque estes meAndros estão com 11 anos e isto por hora, só me remete a mais uma canção do Impurity, de 1990...
Mas o que não poderia passar sem menção são os 20 anos de lançamento do Stranger than Fiction, este sim, um marco para toda aquela era grunge... que faz lembrar que vi ao filme O Balconista, do Kevin Smith, pelo menos 3 vezes no cinema (e 300X na VHS!), toda vez chamando um camarada (ou os mesmos)pra rir das mesmas cenas e, sobretudo, pra escutar Leaders and Followers, que entrou como bônus track da edição made in Japan deste álbum que, sim, fez muita coisa tomada como verdade ser mais estranha que a ficção.
Minha já finada irmã caçula foi buscar pra mim o cd do Badu ReRidgiOhnn na terrinha do sol nascente... finado também está o orkut, desde hoje e sabe-se lá o que vai ser dessa vida em tramas digitais muito à Medianeiras...
Pois que meu setembro, não é o eleventh... deixo essas coisas pro Snowden, que estranhamente está quieto nalgum lugar do planeta, a menos que se disfarçou de primeira astronauta russa em missão orbital. Deu um ano já e pouco se diz do ditocujo que escancarou a internet relevando pro mundo via um dos últimos bastiões do bom jornalismo, o The Guardian, que a segurança na www tá mais arregaçada que buracos em pornografia.
Meu setembro é o 28. Faz 24 anos que é. Ou não é? Aaaaanaaa, all good children go to heaven... bom, mas este é do Against the Grain, também de 1990, estória pra outra hora...
E então, depois de ter visto uma digna de nota banda de (S.J.)Rio Preto coverizando Rush, no último domingo, com um agora, primo rico de nome Edward (quer dizer, se tivesse nascido nas gringas... e sem mãos de tesouras!), esta foi minha melhor maneira possível de uma menção à minha data... mas deixo algo certamente mais decente pra encerrar este gerador de lerolero postado aqui. As palavras de Neil Peart
"All through the '70s our lives were flying by; we spent so much time on the road that it became like a dark tunnel. You start to think about the people you're neglecting, friends and family. So the song is about stopping to enjoy that; with a warning against too much looking back. Instead of getting nostalgic about the past, it's more a plea for the present."

this 'Strange Design' was retweeted by Brett Gurewitz on the occasion of the 20th year anniversary of the Bad Religion´s last album release with him at that times...
An interesting review is this one by Collin Brennan for the Consequence of Sound.
In short, this post is due to many Septembers memories that this meAnders... well, check the archives here and figure out. A post for registering the every now and them that goes through this little river. Another bit of data to give NSA a piece of shit. One by one we all fall down in the internet promiscuity. In the end,  something like another mark. With all puns intended, let´s finish this blabla bla bla bla bla blabla bla... bla post with two proper videos.

an optmistic way to show Bad Religion for the wrong way kids...

 featuring Aimee Mann, what a wonderful voice and like Johnette Napolitano, both sing The Scientist

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   Still about an Angry Planet, an (once?) angry man and a whole lotta angriness

John Sovegny runs a blog in which he apparently shares aspects of his work with photojournalism and also this wonderful and Casual conversation (his words) with Justin Sullivan about NMA and 2014 so far...

and in addiction here is something we probably could not get on tv´s reviews

New Model Army ainda em novembro 2014, janeiro 2015 ou quando no Brasil, de novo? Afinal, o próprio Justin Sullivan reconhece: sabe pouco da história da América Latina e quer ter mais 20 anos de estórias para cantar, entre sangue e vinho!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

   And still talking about One Earth...

this comes from this A+ webpage, written by Justina Bakutyte, which you may preferably follow by clicking here or scrolling down the next images...

Every minute we can learn something new about the world. Just by going outside and observing our surroundings, or delving into all the scientific stuff presented in books, magazines, eventually — Internet.
To tackle your inner observer, we gathered a list of mind-boggling maps that show just how incomplete our general knowledge is. It will definitely change the way you see our planet.

Africa measures at 11.7 million sq mi (30.2 sq km). To compare, Moon's surface area is about 14.6 million sq mi (38 million sq km).

The widely used Mercator projection shows Africa about the size of Greenland, when it's actually 14 times smaller than Africa.

"Mercator projection SW" by Strebe - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons The Mercator Projection, used in maps, atlases, globes, etc., and uses straight lines of constant course instead of curves. The drawback, however, is that Mercator distorts the shapes and measures of large landmasses. Areas near the poles are greatly exaggerated. For instance, Scandinavia appears bigger than India, but in real life India is three times the size.

To draw attention to the underestimated size of Africa, German software designer Kai Krause created this puzzle-like map.

Kai Krause

Africa compared to the United States, Europe, India and China.

Kai Krause

Another map that puts things in perspective features United States overlaid on the Moon's surface.

Reddit The greatest distance between two points within the contiguous U.S. is 2,892 miles and the circumference of the Moon is 6,784, according to iO9. Even if it's a rough estimate, it shows that objects in our solar system are not necessarily as large as we imagine them to be.

This mind-boggling image shows all the Earth's waters collected into a single sphere and juxtaposed to Earth itself.

USGS Despite the fact that 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered, it looks underwhelming when compared to the size of our planet. The sphere contains all the water in the oceans, ice caps, lakes and rivers, groundwater, atmospheric water and even the water flowing in you. According to USGS, its diameter is about 860 miles (1384 km), the distance from Salt Lake City, Utah to Topeka, Kansas.

Alternative world map adjusted to the population of each country. One square equals one million inhabitants.

Reddit From the perspective of population China is the biggest country in the world with 1,35 billion inhabitants. Its size then overcomes Russia, which in real life is almost two times bigger than China. Click here to see the map in full size.

Population density is perfectly visualized by this map. Roughly 51,4 percent of the global population lives in the circled part of Eastern hemisphere.

Reddit The circle includes China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, South Korea, Nepal, Malaysia, North Korea, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Bhutan with small parts of Russia and Pakistan. It all adds up to a grand total of 3,637,830,357, or around 51.4 percent of the global population, according to The Washington Post.

And what if we put all the world's population in a single city? Tim de Chant has imagined that in his infographic.

Tim de Chant/Per Square Mile According to Tim, if the world's 6,9 billion people lived in one city which would be as dense as, let's say, Paris, it would take Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas to fit them. In comparison, if they lived as dense as Houstonians, it would take 24 states for the same amount of people.
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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

  It´s a miscelanea, Bighead!

Leon Tostoi
Stranger than Fiction
this meAnders anniversary
where the hell is Snowden? be continued...

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Monday, September 08, 2014

  Rhythm synapsis

While listening to Angry Planet and not necessarily agreeing with myself, the brain brought to me the  Target Earth conceptions. @ the same time, could not agree more on the two best musical values that are still happening from 2013 on. VoiVod already made it in Brazil recently. New Model Army, come on, one more time, no rest after Europe!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2014


New Model Army as an Epitaph

Don´t like  the Fb way of living but, so what? Here goes what a fellow follower started there @ the NMA face group. To continue knowing each ones choices, go there. Cheers to Paul Wood & all. Wish we all get the songs as the last wish. And for a while,  hey ho, let´s march in September!
Debi Edlin
Debi Edlin2 September 20:45
When my mates Dad passed away, at the crematorium they played Elvis's Burning Love!
Comment history
Jim Barter
Jim Barter2 September 19:31
Ace of Spades... But if a NMA song is to be picked it'd be Vagabonds...
Celtic Fish
Celtic Fish2 September 18:14
You Can't Keep a Good Man Down =the Meteors.
Loud Ness
Loud Ness2 September 18:10
Vagabonds was @weddings´s groom entrance; @a funeral if I get a deserved one, must be the Mermaid Song...
Tim Faunt
Tim Faunt2 September 12:13
Love Songs was perfect at our wedding, but the Dropkick Murphys get my funeral gig with "Amazing Grace." Sorry NMA!
Lee Mccrory
Lee Mccrory2 September 11:43
fireworks night
View all comments
Original post
Paul Wood
Paul Wood1 September 15:20
If you had to choose one song to be played at your funeral, what would it be?

Mine is 'Wonderful Way to Go'

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

  Ooh, all these families issues soaked in bleach

Besides the expectations for a remarkable ending of 2014, with another great event or at least another plus 10 year´s trivia such Kurt Cobain Farewell stuffs (what? 2 decades, already?!) this is just an excuse to myself (in the Selfie Age, I conceal this to nobody) for perhaps, once in life, yet being in Seattle, put this attraction with the 'must to go' tag: submerging the Subpop culture @Neptune depths. Must be these mythical domains in terms of music, so anyone lost in here and with Washington State destination on mind, please take note of the address @ 4344 Brooklyn Avenue NE. Enjoy the trip down that basement and good luck with the treasures. (and check it out, someone added a hint for a Easy Street Records shop as well, hope close enough from this Neptune planet)

Isso aqui vai meandrando e andando e ainda assim, calha de ser útil a alguém. Nem que for folclore...por uma imagem fora de Flickr ou de foco ou de Face... Insta? talvez ainda invista... Eita Câmara... merecia uns cascudos... Em mais um acesso de internetagem, registra-se essa efeméride do 30 de julho e na realidade, registro também ao julho em geral, com novas da Courtney Love, aniversariante que sempre proporciona visibilidade e tudo mais de trági-e-cômico que o 2014 nos trouxe até aqui.

Now I want the Forest Hills of Seattle airs (at least to bear witness the same Ramones poster on that wall)!

pic by Stephen Mejias

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Friday, July 11, 2014

  so... that May, 11th and 12th or that August... whenever, then it comes March in September 2014

E que venham com tudo e como se fosse aquela primeira vez! E que, de fato, é para o baixista Ceri Monger. Sejam benvindos pro A do ABC paulista, ainda, o antro do rock pesado da república metrópolipindorama.

 Remembering the first time the sons of thunder and consolation blasted São Paulo with the Impurity tour. Now it´s time Between Dog and Wolf!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

  Remember the Spirit of Falklands and the Spirit of Football too

And the ball is heading down south, according to Fernando Godoy. Come on, bring the beautiful game.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

  "Spring is past and gone!" (in the North...)

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

  Find your Avalon

As described by its author pic Len Shulman, it´s a river. An icy solid one, a polar glacial wonderful way to go on and on.
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

  5th month state of True North

Yesterday, Bad Religion´s 16th album just completed its less than a half year of its release. So, what the fuzz about it? It´s only because apart of being a trivia over a date one artist work got the record stores, I´m remarking it to myself, in order to remember that it´s my daughter month by month anniversary. Also cause incidentally I knew that she has the same age of Mr. Brett´s daughter too. And a way to remember of  TommyTee sudden death just the day after my daughter born.
Anyway, actually, I want to state that probably there is not other best sequence of eight tracks on any R´n´R genre recording that beats the Bside  of True North: take note of that. From Vanity to The Island, and I´m keeping the last track away, so the total of the 9 songs delivered by the B side of this vinyl is just killer as perhaps only the Brazilian release of Thunder and Consolation B does. And  I can´t recall any other recent album having this effect on me. And that´s my bet. The True North is in a crescendo and I will be back here to reconfirm this in the test of time.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

  Mixing NMA&BadReligion

The forthcoming New Model Army´s album is now in mixing process with Joe Baresi who amongst many others did work as well for the Bad Religion´s True North, The Dissent of Man, New Maps of Hell and Empire Strikes First.
Both bands has at least two homonymous title songs: Island and Vanity
It´s still falling short of a higher knowledge what more the two bands have in common. Not only information to go as trivia alike. Both have more in terms of an investigative study together than meets the eye.

ps (up to date): and after checking the NMA Noticeboard (never used to call it 'Forum'), something that really pops up is the impressive presence of the Epitaph label on the Barresi´s discography. Sharing the thoughts of Jibberish in many ways. NMA finally with Bad Religion even if in a more distribution matter as label mates? Is that so unconceivable that NMA could make the path for entering the Epitaph team? Something that Mr. Brett was asked some ten years ago in an interview somewhere through the meAnders...

Que mais podemos falar que há além de coincidência quando juntamos New Model Army e Bad Religion?
A última destas felizes junções do acaso tem um nome: Joe Barresi. Ok, são muitos nomes de bandas como pode-se verificar no seu site. Os mais céticos podem retrucar assim. Os mais românticos podem acreditar que era só uma questão de tempo. Agora, é aguardar o resultado do trabalho do mais novo álbum de NMA com quem já produziu, entre tantos nomes, também Melvins, Pennywise, Anthrax e até Judas Priest!


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